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The benefits of a cheap rabbit hutch

Building a rabbit hutch that is cheap does not mean that it is not good enough for your family pet. All you have to use are wire mesh, 1×1/2 inch squares of some recycled wood, a few staples, and inexpensive hinges for the door. Just follow these simple steps and give your bunny a customized rabbit hutch.

Here are the things that you will need. Recycled wood, 2x2s, 1x4s, and plywood, and cedar would be best. You will need heavy duty staple gun and staples, hinges, hasp and latch, wire mesh and cut it to 1’x1/2 squares size. In construction you will always need hammer and nails, saw, and wire cutters. Do not forget your graphing paper and pencil too for sketching your design.

The first thing you have to do is find a flat area for you to work. Then determine the size of the hutch and plan enough room to lay everything out before you begin. Then gather all the things that are needed. There are hardware stores that you can cut the wood to its appropriate sizes so you won’t have to cut it yourself.

Make a sketch of the hutch you want. Ideally, make it four feet off ground top, with a 24” x 36” x 24” tall wire cage. Using a plywood top will most likely keep the rain out. The bottom part of the hutch should be wire mesh for easy cleaning. You can also build a small corner with part plywood on the two sides so that rabbits can group together during rain.

You will have to cut the wood at the same time and check its dimensions. Cut all wood pieces and ply wood together and you can also make a plywood door instead of a wired door. You cut that dimension too. Then it is important that you fasten vertical supports, cross braces and plywood altogether. Use nails and ensure that the heads and tips are not protruding on the wood inside the cage. Make door with hinges and hasp latch and set it aside for installing after the wire is set on the cage.

Cut and staple wire mesh around the four corners of the cage. You will have to double staple the wire mesh on the outside especially at the corner joint so that rabbits cannot get to it. Cut and staple the wire mesh on the bottom of the cage and ensure that you not expose the wire ends inside the cage. Leave a space for the door you will still make.

You can then attach the pre-made door to the wire cage. You should have a wood at the ready on a vertical position for one side of door attachment. You can then screw hinges and hasp latch appropriately. Test the door by swinging it back and forth.

Lastly, you will need to place a small piece of plywood for rabbits to huddle on. Also, never forget to put inside their food bowl and place water too. You can use old towel inside the hutch for their comfort too. You can also make a ramp and upper level for added activity and movement to your bunny.

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